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Are you leaving money on the table? Optimize your boutique hotel with advanced revenue management solutions from IDeaS.

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Client Reviews

“Without a revenue management system, pricing was an entirely manual process, taking up hours and hours just to change rates across all our channels.”

Troy Pade, General Manager, Sunset Tower Hotel, West Hollywood, CA

Improve Your Decision Making with IDeaS

Our revenue systems unlock powerful analytics to help you optimize RevPAR. With IDeaS automation on your side, you’ll have more time to enhance guest experience, the cornerstone of a boutique hotel.

Small scale, big revenues

For smaller properties, it’s key to identify the right business mix to optimize revenue. IDeaS automates the process, accepting the most valuable demand across all dates and stay lengths, saving you time for revenue-driving strategies.

Beyond break-even

Running a boutique property that caters to transient and group business can be costly. Make the most informed and profitable decisions for groups, function space, and other outlets with IDeaS’ solutions to ensure you’re strategically optimizing all revenue streams.

Staff smarter, not harder

Ensuring guest satisfaction and unlocking your hotel's full potential hinge on effective staffing practices. With automated, accurate demand and operational forecasts, you’ll have ample bandwidth to deliver the best guest experience and gain repeat business.

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Achieve Optimal Performance?

Ensure revenue targets are met by optimizing pricing and inventory to maximize profitability from available demand across diverse guest segments, global and local channels, and function-space inventory.

Align commercial and guest experience strategies with insights hidden in your data, driving loyalty from the right guests, while strategically managing operational costs, staffing, and resources to enhance profitability.

Maximize tech stack ROI with a solution that optimizes your guests, rooms, F&B outlets, meeting space, and other income outlets. IDeaS’ AI technology quickly responds to market shifts while reducing risk in commercial and operational decision-making and enhancing long-term asset value.

FAQ for Boutique Hotels

There are many ways we help boutique hoteliers who are wondering how to increase RevPAR in hotels, including pricing dynamically based on demand, maximizing revenue from available inventory, and through proper inventory management.

According to a Deloitte report, organizations that switch from manual pricing to using an RMS experience a 7 to 20% increase in RevPAR. Additionally, a study from Hotel Tech Report indicated hoteliers can expect an average of 2 to 7% increase in profit margin.

The RMS cannot – and should not – replace the role of the revenue manager. While the goal is to automate as many revenue tasks as possible, the RMS and revenue manager work in tandem playing to one another’s strengths. The RMS handles most of the day-to-day tasks, including pricing, availability controls, forecasting and reporting, allowing the revenue manager to focus on analysis, strategic planning, demand generation, and distribution.

IDeaS has invested significant resources toward ensuring our solutions are compatible with the most widely used hotel information systems around the world. The result is the broadest compatibility of any revenue management solution on the market, comprising hundreds of certified integrations worldwide. Speak to one of our support team members to find out how IDeaS can integrate with your hotel’s existing systems.

Revenue management systems are highly automated, making them perfect for smaller, boutique properties. They automate manual tasks and provide accuracy along with data-driven pricing decisions which can show you how to increase RevPAR. Revenue management systems continuously monitor and respond to competitor and market fluctuations in real-time, allowing for immediate adjustments in strategy by room type and channel so you stay competitive. With their ability to provide essential data, insights, and automated decision-making, a sophisticated RMS is an invaluable tool for boutique hotels, ensuring they capitalize on every opportunity to optimize revenue.

The goal of IDeaS solutions is to improve your profitability. Our systems are proven to be of exceptional value in terms of the capabilities and business performance improvements they enable. We do everything we can to ensure you feel your investments are worth every penny. At IDeaS, we also partner with you to support your boutique hotel’s transition to using a revenue management system. We know that when you succeed, we succeed. IDeaS also offers training and support through our Start/Coach/Care Program to help you and your team succeed and see a sustainable revenue uplift.

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